At VietPoll we have the capability and experience to offer coding of open ended questions to international research agencies. Coding can be seen as subjective as it is often based on the coders’ comprehension skills and the context in which the answers are collected including the socio-economic background of the respondent.
    Our Approach 
  • Special attention to the briefing of the coding team
  • Coders must understand the context of the question
  • The Verbatim is carefully read and coded by a trained person
  • All coding is done in English, no translations are used
  • Direct and close supervision and validations of each coder for each project
     Our Experience
  • At VietPoll we have experience in a wide variety of project types such as consumer research and healthcare/pharma studies.
  • We also have experience with open responses from many different methodologies including paper surveys, online surveys, phone surveys, CAPI and self-completion response cards.
Coding needs to be rigorous and consistent to meet the quality standards our clients expect. The quality of coding is determined by the quality of the coders doing it. All the work at VietPoll is done by coders trained by us in coding and market research. All of our work is directly supervised by Patrick Meza, our Managing Director, who has over 18 years’ experience in Market research, 15 of which were spent in Operation Management roles in Australia. Patrick has trained and mentored a number of operation and research executive staff many of whom have very successful careers in a number of research agencies in Australia.