Business Terms
Business Terms
VietPoll Company Limited, sets the following general invoicing conditions for the contracts between VietPoll and its clients.
Alteration to the structure of invoicing, timing and /or value of invoice as stated in the project proposal or the contract agreement is subject to agreement by VietPoll and the Client and will be determined by the duration, scope and type of project being undertaken by VietPoll on behalf of the client. In the absence of an agreement to waive or alter such invoicing conditions, they are deemed to apply once the client has been notified of these conditions and have contracted VietPoll to supply services.
These are the General Payment Principles of VietPoll Company Ltd.
  • Taxation– Project Fees listed in project proposals are exclusive of the required 10% VAT. All invoices issued by VietPoll will be official “Red” tax invoices and will include the mandated 10% VAT amounts. Tax will not be applicable, however, for off-shore clients.
  • Method - Payments are to be made by cash, check or by TT. In the case of TT a copy of a bank transfer will be required as evidence that such a payment has been made.
  • Timing– payments of invoices issued by VietPoll are required within 3 calendar weeks (15 working days) of the date of issue.
  • Additional/extra fees - In the event that project implementation requires VietPoll to allocate additional staff and/or resources not originally envisaged in the project agreement or due to changes in project parameters as agreed to with the client, VietPoll reserves the right to revise invoice structure, terms and or charge additional fee in agreement with client.
  • Waiver Conditions - In the absence of a project payment being made in accordance with the conditions described above, VietPoll may at its own discretion continue the scope of work required by the project. In such cases VietPoll will notify the client of this intent and provide 1 additional week for the client to make payment before proceeding with the scope of work. If payment is still not received within this 1 week timeframe, VietPoll will proceed with the scope of work and a one-time premium equal to 15% of the value of the relevant invoice will apply and will be charged to the client upon subsequent invoicing dates.