About VietPoll
VietPoll is a partnership initiative between Vietnamese and Australian Researchers. Our mission is to provide data collection and coding services utilizing the best international standards at a reasonable price and for the benefit of local staff.
We offer
  • Our aim is to provide the solutions you need using reliable and auditable processes and quality control procedures.
  • We specialize in servicing international partner agencies and clients from the region and around the world
Core Values
The reputation of our researchers in the industry is testament to our core values and the benefits we deliver to our clients.
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Personal service
Our team enjoys more than 30 years of combined market and social research experience (client side and agency) in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. We have a diverse group of researchers using a team effort approach to provide clients with a wealth of experience across a range of areas
  • Quantitative Data Collection
  • Online Panels
  • Translations