Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
VietPoll Company Ltd is a research organization that collects and uses information to investigate the behavior, needs, attitudes, motivations and other things of people in Vietnam.  Our objective is to provide information to our clients to help them make decisions about their products and services.
Participation in our research projects is always voluntary. As part of our research we collect some personal details such as name and address so that we can contact you about the research. Basically we might call you back to check on some of your responses to make sure we got a complete picture of your opinions.  However, as researchers, we are generally interested in the responses of large groups of people, rather than individuals. We typically combine the information collected from all the research participants to get an overall picture. This overall picture is then reported to our clients.
Details that identify you are removed from your responses to the research once they are no longer needed for the research.  We respect your privacy and we will never pass on your personal details to a client without your permission.
As researchers, our responsibilities towards respondents include:
  • Respondents' identities must not be revealed without their consent to anyone not directly involved in the market research project (including the client who commissioned the work) or used for any non-research purpose.
  • Nobody shall be adversely affected or harmed as a direct result of participating in a market research study. Respondents must be able to check without difficulty the identity and bona fides of researchers.
  • Respondents' co-operation in a market research project is entirely voluntary at all stages; they must not be misled when being asked for their co-operation.
  • No child under 14 years shall be interviewed without parent's/ guardian's/responsible adult's consent.
  • All indications of the identity of respondents should be physically separated from the records of the information they have provided as soon as possible after the completion of any necessary fieldwork quality checks. The researchers must ensure that any information which might identify respondents is stored securely and separately from the other information they have provided, and that access to such material is restricted to authorized research personnel within the researcher's own organization for specific research purposes (e.g. field administration, DP, panel or longitudinal studies or other forms of research involving recall interviews). To preserve respondents' anonymity not only their names and addresses but also any other information provided by or about them which could in practice identify them (e.g. their company and job title) must be safe-guarded.
These anonymity requirements may be relaxed only where the respondent has given explicit permission for this.
Accordingly, VietPoll seeks to protect the privacy of individuals through protection of personal information. Market and social research is based on the willing co-operation of the public and the business community. Such co-operation depends on public and business confidence that market research is carried out honestly and objectively using processes that protect the identity and rights of individuals, and without any unwelcome intrusion.
VietPoll adheres to the ESOMAR Code of Professional Behavior and Privacy Principles
As a company we follow ESOMAR guidelines. ESOMAR is mainly for individual membership, Patrick Meza VietPoll’s Managing Director is a member of ESOMAR, and as an organization, we abide and comply with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice.